is your birthright

Vibrant Love & Hotter Sex, Anyone?

The skills you need for great sexual and emotional connection are learnable

Have you ever noticed how we use physical pain language, like
“they broke my heart” or “they hurt my feelings” to express social pain? These sayings are more than just metaphors…

Our desire to develop connections (with ourselves & others) and sustain those connections is wired into our very will to survive. It is one of the most profound abilities we will ever cultivate. So you’d think we’d have a little more guidance on how to do it well…

You are a human being filled with complexities, contradictions, and desires.
Fully understanding all these parts of yourself can help you show up in your relationships and in the bedroom (or up against a wall, kitchen counter, shower,etc).

Why Get a Sex Coach?

Explore Yourself

Develop an awareness of how you are living your life to ensure the choices you make are conscious, and not just made out of habit or social conditioning.

Get Competent in your Relationships

There is no one secret to long term-relationship success. Happy relationships require balancing attachment to your partner(s) while maintaining your individual freedom, and more.

Become Confident in Dating

Learn to flirt and get out of your head so you can connect with the partners you want and actually enjoy the process of building connections with them.

Practice Erotic Intimacy

This isn’t talk therapy. This is an opportunity to practice the skills of eroticism through touch, connection & energy exchange in a space free of judgment.

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Get to Know Me

As a Somatic Sex Coach and Educator, my work is situated at the intersection of personal and collective change. I am deeply passionate about helping individuals heal and transform through intimacy, vulnerability, and erotic expression.

Before focusing on sexuality, I worked in political communications and digital organizing. My work will always be rooted in an unrelenting idealism that we collectively deserve better than the social scripts and hierarchies we exist within. I firmly believe that the personal is political, and by reclaiming our own joy and truth, we have the power to radically reimagine the world.

My identity as a polyamorous and queer person never allowed me to fit in many of the socially acceptable boxes I was supposed to fit into, and I’m so grateful for that. Never belonging left me no choice but to design a life that was rooted in personal choice rather than habit or expectation – and I want you to feel empowered to do the same.

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